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Grouted tie for stabilising solid masonry

CemTie is a fully grouted reinforcement tie suitable for use in a variety of situations including: fractured solid masonry, bonding wall junctions, restraining separated or leaning walls, stabilising masonry arches and securing bulging solid or rubble-filled walls.

System Components

  • CemTies of different lengths
  • Manual applicator and two extension nozzles
  • Long series drill bits
  • Brush for cleaning hole
  • Helibond cementitious grout

1. Drill a clearance hole (typically 14-16mm diameter) to the required depth and flush clean.

2. Wind the CemTie fully into the grout-filled pinning nozzle of the pointing gun and insert the nozzle to the back of the hole.

3. Pump the pointing gun to inject the HeliBond grout while slowly withdrawing the nozzle. The CemTie will be carried out with the grout as it is forced through the nozzle.

4. Back pressure will help push the nozzle out of hole to leave a fully grouted tie.

Important Notes
1. CemTies are to be installed at a minimum density of approx. 2.8 ties/m2 (approx. 600mm horizontal and 600mm vertical spacing).

2. The density is to be increased around openings with ties placed at a maximum 300mm vertical spacing and 225mm back from the opening.

3. Depth of hole to be CemTie length + 25mm. CemTie length should equal 50mm less than all the materials being tied.

4. Not suitable for use across cavity masonry.

    • Tying intersecting walls
    • Pinning arches and lintels
    • Masonry arch pinning
    • Parapet repairs
    • Pinning solid masonry
  • Austenitic stainless steel tie, up to 1200mm long as standard
  • Stress-free by accommodating normal structural movement
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Tie and grout installed simultaneously
  • Ideal for overhead installations
  • Cost-effective masonry repair technique
  • Minimal disturbance to building fabric for sympathetic repairs
  • CemTie plus HeliBond grout produces great tensile strength while retaining rotational flexibility

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