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HeliBar for New Builds

HeliBars provide substantial tensile properties to masonry when bonded with HeliBond grout, which is able to lock tightly between the fins and to the masonry.

HeliBars are the principal components of the Helibeam System and are easily installed. Depending on the circumstances, HeliBars may be

bonded either into clearance holes (see CemTie) or into slots cut into the masonry at predetermined levels. HeliBar may also be used in combination with DryFix tiesStarTies and DryLink connectors.

They are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel, Grade 316 as standard, for high corrosion resistance, and to a unique, Hi-Fin helical design that provides a large surface area to cross section for great bonding characteristics.

Cold rolled, under tension, from continuous runs of stainless steel wire, HeliBars exhibit a compact profile that allows for easy transportation and on site manipulation whilst maintaining impressive and reliable tensile strength.

  • Crack stitching
  • Forming deep masonry beams
  • Tying corners and wall junctions
  • Reconnecting separated walls
  • Lintel stabilisation and creation
  • Horizontal structural restraint
  • Reinforcing new build masonry
  • Providing seismic upgrades
  • Reduces masonry cracking resulting from ground movement, building settlement and shrinkage.
  • Improves seismic performance.
  • Creates integral lintels, even over long spans such as patio doors.
  • Reduces the number of piers in pier and beam construction.
  • Enables new architectural features to be built which are not feasible with un-reinforced masonry.
  • Allows brick garden walls to be constructed to minimise tree root damage.
  • Can be used for remedial repairs or to permit new apertures to be formed without using lintels or other means of support.
  • Suitable for use in all climatic regions including coastal and highly polluted areas.

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