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DryLink is for connecting HeliBar reinforcement, installed into masonry to distribute stresses and provide in-plane strength, to wall ties, installed to provide out-of plane restraint. The system is suitable for both new build and remedial applications.

In new build applications, DryLink are fitted to newly installed StarTies and threaded together with HeliBar reinforcement as the outer leaf is constructed.

In remedial settings, DryFix ties are installed before the connectors are fitted and threaded together with HeliBar installed into channelled out mortar joints.

HeliBond grout is used to bond the system in place.

Material: Stainless Steel Grade 304
Diameter: 8mm
Use With: 8mm Helifix Wall Tie and 4.5mm HeliBar Reinforcement

New Build

Step 1
During the construction of the outer leaf masonry, at the point where a tie is needed, drill an appropriate diameter pilot hole into the far leaf substrate.

Step 2
Install the StarTie leaving the tie end near the centre of the outer leaf masonry.

Step 3
Fit the DryLink Connector over the StarTie. Ensure that it is fully engaged with the tie and that its holes line up horizontally on the outer leaf masonry. Repeat this procedure along the bed joint, at the required spacing, before inserting the HeliBar.

Step 4
Thread the HeliBar through the adjacent connectors. Continuous runs are made by overlapping adjacent HeliBars, by a minimum of 150mm, through the two pairs of holes in the DryLink Connector.

Step 5
Apply mortar and complete the wall with reinforcements to predetermined bed joints.

Step 6
Point up the bed joints.

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