Epoxy Plus EX

EpoxyPlus TE is a high performance, non-shrink, pure epoxy resin that is ideal for bonding metal components into masonry, concrete and rock.

EpoxyPlus EX is a two component chemical anchoring system for threaded bars and reinforcing bars in cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid masonry, hard natural stone and solid rock.

EpoxyPlus EX has been tested in accordance with us standard AC308 for recognition under the IBC / IRC codes to resist seismic actions in seismic design Categories A – F.


  • Structural steel to concrete
  • Rebar and starter bars
  • Safety barriers, fences, racking, brackets
  • Suitable for applications prone to dynamic loads and vibrations and in external environments

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fixings close to free edges
  • Anchoring without expansion pressure
  • High load capacities
  • Fire resistant with the use of reinforcing bars up to F240 classification
  • Two part nozzle-mixed resin for consistent quality