CrackBond TE 2.5L Self-Mix

Non-shrink pure epoxy resin

CrackBond TE is a low slump, thixotropic resin and is suitable for low pressure injection of cracks in masonry and concrete. The cartridge product can be extruded into cracks between 2mm and 10mm without the need for injection ports. It is supplied in a two part, nozzle-mixed cartridge format for consistent quality and easy use.

For the repair of fine cracks use the Concrete Crack Injection.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Non-shrink, thixotropic resin
  • Bonding masonry cracks
  • Filling voids
  • Strengthening porous masonry Anchoring metal fixings and anchors into masonry
  • Flows easily under pressure
  • Two part nozzle-mixed resin for consistent quality
  • Fills cracks between 2mm and 10mm wide (suitable for cracks widths up to 20mm)
  • Supplied in 250ml part-useable cartridges
  • Useable in standard mastic gun